23 December 2015

Ward Update: Dec 2015

You may find these updates of interest:

  • Black Forest LATM outcomes: You may remember that further consultation was delayed as DPTI was deciding what might happen to South Rd in this location? Despite spending millions elsewhere on South Rd it seems that the section adjacent Black Forest is not a priority. This may well be a good thing!! Nevertheless, we will put in a budget bid for the work to be done on Byron Rd after consultation and if residents can agree on a solution to the existing traffic issues.
  • Canterbury Tce & East Ave: there are still significant concerns expressed by residents about the safety of this intersection for cyclists. Some further design has been completed on this, this will also need to be considered in the budget deliberations.
  • Planting initiatives have been identified in Lonsdale Tce and Langdon Ave
  • Better wayfinding signs have been installed on East Ave, near the railway crossing.
  • Dead plants in Aroha Tce, Arundel Ave that should have been replaced before the contractor handed these strips back to Council was not done and Council will now pick up the tab to do this in 2016.
  • Council will clear the drain  at the northern end of Wilson Ave and, hopefully, find a better long term solution to potential flooding issues. As well the footpath will be repaired where it has been damaged by trees and some pruning of those trees will be undertaken early  2016.

1 comment:

  1. As I've said many times before ... On Byron, at the slow points, place a rubber speed cushion. A simple and low cost fix to the speeding problem.