06 December 2015

Update Millswood Walkway

I have now received my letter from ARTC. They have agreed that the area next to the bridge (over Goodwood Rd) is unsafe and they will raise the height of the fence and block off access to the walkway so it is more difficult for people to access (not resident's prepared option). My conversation with staff centred around just how little the additional walking distance was compared to the inconvenience and the temptation for people to consider crossing Goodwood Rd at grade level. I am still perplexed that they consider the shared path that connects Chelmsford Ave to Victoria St safe (because DPTI did it) but a distance from the track that is 3 times further is unsafe (because ARTC  would need to do it).
While I had their attention I broached the subject of graffiti in that general location: guess what? That is DPTI's  problem! And guess what DPTI always claims it can't do the work because of ARTC over regulation.

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