15 December 2015

Full Council Meeting:December 14th 2015

The last meeting for the year. It seems to me that things have slowed down a bit in 2015, maybe it is having projects ready for funding that remain unfunded and I wonder if the time and effort was wasted.   Nevertheless, there is much to be thankful for and much achieved. On this month's Agenda items of interest are;

  • Animal Management Plan 2016-20: PASSED
  • Food Safety Audits: these are now compulsory for aged care facilities and childcare centres. PASSED
  • Active Aging Strategy: PASSED
  • Commercial Fitness and Training Policy: updated and PASSED
  • Traffic Management and Speed Restrictions for Royal Show: as costs are increasing Council is considering asking the Sow Society to help cover the cost: DEFERRED
  • Rugby/Porter St Bikeway Concept Street Design: Council will apply for grants and use recurrent funding to spend about $200,000 upgrading several intersections along this route. PASSED
  • Appointment of Deputy Mayor fro 2016: Michael Rabbitt was elected to this position. PASSED
  • Closure of the Foot Track to Millswood Station: I proposed a motion that might have had some chance in seeing it reopened or at least appropriately consulted: This motion failed  as Councillor's believed that ARTC would not move from their current position. Disappointingly my co-councillor while saying that he supported the motion actually voted against it. LOST
  • Unley Central: CONFIDENTIAL


  1. Why are you slagging off Don Palmer.
    Bad form.
    He voted as he saw fit. Not the way you wanted.

  2. I wouldn't call telling the residents how are particular Councillor voted is slagging off. It is important that residents know that we do what we say we will and not just tell them what they want to hear knowing that the Minutes of the meeting rarely give insight into how we all voted.