17 May 2017

Clarence Park Update

Butterflies near the kindy.

The following might be of interest:
  • People are raising concerns about increased light usage at Goodwood Oval. Goodwood Saints have not submitted a Development Application at this time
  • There are lots of small dead trees in the streets around Goodwood Oval. Seems that they may have been over fertilized. They will be replaced over the winter
  • Improved landscaping is being installed in Ellesmere Tce at the request of residents
  • Markings at the corner of Canterbury Tce and East Ave show how the inetersection will be altered to improve safety. Contrary to what some people have raised concerns about the left in, left out feature will remain
  • Small amounts of asbestos have been found in Millswood Park (next to Millswood Bowls). It has be cordoned off until the extent of the contamination can be discovered and the asbestos removed safely
  • These beautiful butterflies are opposite the kindy in Clernce Park. This craft could have lots of uses and be used to brighten up other places.
  • Dead tree in Allenby Ave

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