25 May 2017

What are your favourite things about Goodwood?

 What makes it so special? Is it the people, the places, the things to do, family, friends, the history? The City of Unley is looking for you and your communities to submit images and stories for two innovative arts projects Post It and Discover Historic Goodwood.

Your images may be displayed on panels integrated in to new banner poles which are being installed on the side streets as part of the Goodwood Road Streetscape Upgrade project.
And your stories could be included in a new local walking tour app which will take people on a journey which includes local heritage buildings, stories, music, images and text.

You may have lived in the area once, be a long term resident, went to the greatest party ever in Goodwood, or visited your celebrity grandmother!
For details on how to submit your valuable local knowledge go to unley.sa.gov.au/arts or phone 8372 5111. Submissions close Thursday 15 June.

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