07 May 2017

Should preselected mayors stand down?

There seems to be a rash of mayors and councillors who have recently sought and achieved preselection for the next state election in March 2018. Local government is being used by some as a stepping stone to preselection. The other method seems to be working for an existing politician, as an office or personal assistant, or through the union movement. I groan whenever I see the 'working for an existing politician' as a stepping zone. These people often have little demonstrated experience in grass roots politics. My fear with the Local Government method is that in may end up bringing real politics into local government and in South Australia, up until this time, it has largely been avoided. If you look at the current politicians who owe their place to the union movement I don't need to say more! This comes to our current mayor, Lachlan Clyne, he intends to stand down on October and to resign in Jan 2018. This is a risky move; he might lose the election for Badcoe and then not be mayor either! Nevertheless, he should be commended for this as it is a step above what others in a similar position are proposing to do.


  1. If the mayor takes leave in October and resigns in January, will he be paid by council for 3 months while be campaigns for Ashford? Has he said if be will decline payment for 1/4 year?

  2. I don't know but I would hope that it is without pay as the acting mayor should receive the allowance. He will be running in Badcoe which is slightly different to what Ashford is now.