30 December 2016

Did you waste Xmas?

I recived this useful information in  a Xmas card from Steph Key, Memeber for Ashford: it was great to get a card and have something to pass on as well.
1. Don't waste food scraps: compost them or place in the green bin.
2. Less is more; give tickets or experiences rather than goods.
3. Bottles and cans in the recycling bin.
4. Keep  recycling stuff clean especially bottles and jars.
5. Hard plasic only in the recycling.
6. Lids off before recycling but still in the bin.
7. Only glass bottles and jars in the recycling: crockery in the blue bin.
8. Buy  rechargeable batteries. Batteries go to a separate location (the depot).
9. E-recycling locations at http://recyclingnearyou.com.au/ewaste scheme
10. What about the real Xmas tree? Recycle in the green bin (cut into small pieces). Artificial ones at end of life go in the blue bin.
11. Polystyrene is not recyclable: it goes in the blue bin.
12. Reuse wrap and ribbon. somepeople even reuse their cards!

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