08 December 2016

Public meeting on Unley Central

Re[porting on the City Strategy and Development Commitee that was held earlier this week. The purpose of the meeting was to hear what people had to say about about the proposed changes to the Unley Central Development Plan. In context it should be remembered that almost all of Unley Rd is aleady zoned to allow for 5 storey (could meean 7or 8) development. Unfortunately many of the reponses focussed entirely on the area bounded by Unley/Rugby/ Oxford and Edmund (including the current Civic Centre, the heritage listed buildings and the Village Green.
It was very clear, at least to me,  that there is little support for any deveopment in this area. However, there seemed to be some support for more development on the western side of Unley Rd to, maybe 7 stories. There was some discussion regarding the setbacks from street frontages and a preference for zone changes along streets rather than backyards.
I gave an undertaking to residents that when the Development Plan comes back to this committee that I will seek to ensure that further consultation takes place before the plan is submitted to the minister.
It should be remembered that I was the only memebr of Council that did not suport the Civic Centre site as a catalyst site.

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