23 December 2016

What's happening on the corner of Victoria St and Goodwood Rd?

Concerns have been raised about the changes to traffic as the contractors began their work on the above intersection. I have now inspected the site with Council staff and have drawn the following conclusions:

  • East-west connectivity is crucial in this location
  • The narrowing of the entry from Goodwood Rd has already  been completed and is wide enough to allow access into Victoria St
  • The bump out, to match the southern one, has been marked on the road but will not be constructed until after the work at Goodwood PS has been completed
  • While the width of the exit did not officially allow for cars to make a left and right manouvre at the same time it has been common practice for cars to do so
  • When cars sit in the middle waiting to turn right (a difficult and dangerous manouvre) they generally hold up a number of cars that could have turned left
So what is the solution?
It seems to me that banning right hand turns from Victoria St when the clearway operates on Goodwood Rd might be a solution that should be investigated.
It may well be faster, and definitely safer to turn left, then right into Gilbert St, right into Rushton St, right into Angus St and the left onto Goodwood Rd when wishing to head south.
Happy to have your feedback. I will ask staff to investigate this in the new year.

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