11 December 2016

Full Council Meeting: Dec12th 2016

The following items are on the Agenda for consideration:

  • Deputation from the Good Saints Football club and the Goodwood Cricket Club. Don and I met with them a couple of weeks auto look at the existing facilities. I have been to the facility many times but this time was given a look at the boys facilities. They are quite simply, awful. This marries with the motion that Cr Palmer has on the agenda to move funding for design. Work from Millswood Lawns to Goodwood Oval. Hopefully, this will get up and a successful budget bid next year some immedidiate works can commence.
  • Annual Business Plan-Projects requiring further endorsement: these include the work at Goodwood PS and Wood St and installation of battery storage and solar panels at Fullarton Pk Community Centre
  • Buying Local: this calls for a survey of local businesses
  • Audit Committee Members, UBED committee members and selection of chairperson
  • Appointment of Deputy Mayor
  • Council Appointments to the Centennial Park Board
  • Motion about Nairne Tce from Cr Smolucha
  • Centennial Park-Asset Management Plan CONFIDENTIAL

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