26 October 2014

Motion on Graffiti

Following is the motion I will put on Monday in attempt to get a commitment from the Minister too actually manage the graffiti along line at Goodwood Junction and along the Greenways shared use path. It is obvious to me that the promises made during the construction of these facilities regarding graffiti have not been met.  There are also significant concerns regarding the noise, and smell (diesel fumes) of idling trains near Arundel Ave that also need to be addressed.

Council write to Minister Mulligan, making him aware of the community’s
concern at:
• the level of graffiti along the railway corridor in Unley.
• the need for immediate repairs to the existing screen at Arundel
• the need to properly maintain the weeds and vegetation within the rail
• the need to repair the walkway that links Arundel Ave/ Millswood Crs to
the railway pedestrian bridge.
The letter should seek a commitment from the Minister to address these
issues and seek an explanation of the maintenance process DPTI has in
place to ensure the reoccurrence of graffiti is addressed speedily.

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  1. This was amended to include the noise from the idling trains.