26 October 2014

Show your party colours

This morning's Sunday Mail has a story with the above heading. I know that Emmie, from the Eastern Courier, has been writing a story for this weeks paper. I was a little taken aback that such a high percentage of total candidates were members of the Labor Party, but was not surprised to find that some candidates were members of political parties and some were not. While there will be attempts to change legislation in the near future to ensure that all candidates include party membership on every leaflet that they publish I really fail to understand what the necessity is for this. It seems to me the longer we keep party politics out of local government in South Australia the better the decision making will be of those who hold office. It is not a matter of what part people belong to but is it relevant and who cares? You should be voting for the person that has either proved their worth to you as the incumbent or someone who is fresh and holds ideals that you believe in. Fresh doesn't mean young, but it does mean new ideas and new ways of working. If the Labor party are wanting this change they must believe that it will be to their advantage. What I am sick of is over regulation for candidates at local government elections that are not standards that they set for themselves during their own election periods. Real change in local government elections would be compulsory voting.

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