26 October 2014

Full Council meeting October 27th 2014

The last Council meeting of this Council. Time to thank Denise Tipper and Michael Saies for their contribution. They will be missed as both had their passion about different aspects of governance that we relied on to keep us all on our toes. To be debated this week:
Annual Report 2013-14:This is produced to comply with legislative requirements and must be presented to the parliament. High lighted achievements include:This is well worth reading PASSED
Financial Results Compared to Budget 2013-14: PASSED
Easter Health Authority Delegations: this organisation is contracted to perform the functions of a licensing authority of the Supported Residential Facilities Act. There were no changes deemed necessary after a review.PASSED
Arthur Street-Results of Heavy Vehicle Access Trial:The trial has shown a significant reduction in the number of both small and large trucks using Arthur St. Hopefully, this will improve the amenity  for residents and the safety of the King William Rd intersection.PASSED
Sturt Football Club Sale of Picket Sponsorships Proposal: Sturt have asked for permission to sell sponsorship for each of approx 3,600 pickets. They will also encourage the Bowls and Cricket to sell pickets if they wish with revenue to be shared. Council would gain no benefit from this. The good news is that Sturt have committed to putting in their  one third of the money for the pickets and to pay two thirds if grant money is not available PASSED
Key performance Indicators: These indicators will enable Council to gain base line data that it can then compare effectiveness of different strategies against.WITHDRAWN
Revocation of Community Land Status-Myrtle Bank:PASSED
Motion on Notice from Cr Boisvert regarding Graffiti:I have asked that Council write to the Minister to let Council know what the current strategy is for the removal of Graffiti in the Good Junction area and how this can be stepped up to be effective. PASSED See next blog
Motion on Notice from Cr Schnell regarding Traffic in Weller St: Cr Schnell would like immediate action to reduce the speed of traffic in Weller St following a serious accident. REFUSED not because it wasn't supported but because the plans to commence a Local Area Traffic Management Plan ais likely to deliver better results in the same time frame.
Palmerston Place Encroachment ( Confidential)
The Agenda can be read here;

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