11 October 2014

Art works ready to install

Artworks on Canterbury Tce and at the end of Cowper Rd were negotiated with DPTI after the completion of the Greenways works to give something back to the community. The following artwoks are being run past residents for final approval. There is more landscaping proposed than in the sketch. I believe there is some disquiet from some residents in Canterbury Ave about the one ear- marked for the space near the Princess Margaret playground. If this disquiet is a roar then it is possible that the artwork will be installed at another suitable location. What do you think?
Canterbury Ave (proposed)

Cowper Rd (proposed)


  1. Hello Jennie,

    i for one am all for more community art but I'm not sure about the "Regrowth" metal trees art work itself as I would much prefer "real" trees to galvanized ones replacing what was removed. Cant really get my head around the thinking behind this one. BUT maybe they would look better positioned in my opinion on the CP train station as a community art installation? Right idea wrong positioning maybe ?

    The "Blueman" ... well that really has me confused.


    Sean Mullarkey

  2. Jennie,
    Thanks for opportunity to comment.
    Re: Regrowth
    I find it a little bizarre to commission and pay for a sculpture that poorly mimics the natural beauty of a tree - what is the point? Real trees would be more attractive, cheaper and provide some shade.
    Re: Blueman
    I don't understand what it is supposed to represent or what the Artist had in mind. Are there any interpretive notes for this ?

  3. I quite like blue man. Could see potential for blue girl -- blue boy -- blue dog.
    Weird trees, however, leave me cold.

  4. Good suggestion, it would seem that the trees in the Canterbury Tce site are a preferred option. Is it possible to relocate the artwork to the station, I'll find out.

  5. Given strong community feed back to the 'Regrowth' sculpture it will no longer be installed at the Canterbury Tce site. It will now be located to another site. Staff are still waiting for feedback about the blue man that was set to be installed in Cowper Rd. From my feedback I'd be surprised if this was not also canned. Staff will investigate other suitable sites and one of these may be the Clarence Park platform, just not sure if it meets the grant criteria.

  6. Good news about the metal trees. They looked more like "cyclone aftermath" than "re-growth". Regarding sculpture, I quite like the chain link sculptures along the tramway bike track at Morphettville.

  7. I could not understand why the council would be replacing natural trees with their natural everchanging beauty with metal trees. I am glad they will be relocated. Perhaps outside the community centre but I think in the C.F. Page memorial park on the corner of Winston Ave and Cross Road would be better, plus have more exposure.
    As for the blue man, I am still trying to understand what the connection is to Clarence Park and Black Forest. A better spot for him would be the car park outside the Unley Council Chambers.
    Sofia T.
    Clarence Park resident