27 September 2021

Full Council meeting: September 27th 2021


You might find the following of interest:

  • Updated tree canopy report: recent data collected on tree canopy of trees greater in height that 3m has shown an increase of 1.36% since 2018. While this increase is small it is significant. Council are concerned, however, as this grown is mostly of established tees rather than new trees reaching 3 m.
  • Trader event sponsorship: Each of the 4 precincts has proposed an event this year to the value of $10,000. These should provide a variety of interesting events to keep residents connected with their local community.
  • Representation Review: After much consultation the feedback now supports the status quo: that is 6 wards each with two elected members.
  • Revised Charter for Centennial Park: the new charter sees the removal of both Mitcham and Unley Council elected members from the board.
  • Unley Central update :CONFIDENTIAL
  • Goodwood Community Centre lease: CONFIDENTIAL

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