26 November 2018

Full Council meeting: Nov 26th 2018

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This seems to be a relatively short agenda. However, the CEO wanted it to be mostly operational as motions and questions on notice have been deferred to the December meeting. The items are as follows:

  • Results of the 2018 elections for noting: these note a 31.17% turn out across Unley which is less than 2014 and 2010. 2014 was quite low as there was no election in Clarence Park or for the Mayor
  • Appointment of Deputy Mayor: Council needs to decide if we want a Deputy mayor and if so for a 4 year term or for periods less than that. In the last Council term the appointments were for 1 year only. This gave more people and opportunity to do this which generally worked well
  • Meeting times for 2019: Council will continue to meet on the 4th Monday of the month unless that day is a public holiday
  • Elected members Allowances and Benefits Policy: Follow a recent determination Councillors will be paid $17270 per year and an extra $4,355 for Dept Mayor and Chairpersons of Sect 41 committees and the Mayor $69080.
  • Audit Committee and City Strategy and Development, Terms of Reference and members: this item has caused much difficulty for members as we barely know each other. On top of that there was no call for nominations ahead of the meeting and all in all about the least effective way of doing business. I understand that this item will be withdrawn and the positions filled when this council has had time to review the positions and to fill them in equitable manner.
  • Council Assessment Panel: Elected Members and Independent Member Appointments. The Council member needs to be selected so that the panel can deliver its decisions with full membership. Council may decide to fill until Feb 2021 or in an interim manner for the next couple of months. As well new  Independent members need to be selected. Applications close for this on Friday this week.


  1. Peter Hughes was elected to the Dept Mayor position. I will be on the CAP until the end of February and am also on the selection committee for this panel.

    1. I was very surprised that Council did not elect a female to be deputy mayor. Surely it's about time. Was it a case of a job for one of the old boys?

  2. It certainly was time. However, too many women put their hand up which resulted in the inevitable election of Peter. The first female mayor will have already been elected to Council, one of the eight women elected last year.


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