13 November 2018

Recycling : we just don't seem to get it right

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There was an interesting article in yesterday's paper about recycling. It seems that most people really don't know what can and can't go in the recycling bin. Given that 10% of people think it all goes directly to landfill its not hard to see why many don't bother to get it right. The problem is that just a small amount of inappropriate material in one bin can contaminate the entire truckload!


  • Plastic lids from jars and bottles • Plastic bags and other soft plastics • Food scraps • Packaging contaminated with food • Tissues and paper towel • Clothing and fabrics • Polystyrene foam packaging • Foam trays and cups • Crockery or drinking glasses • Mirrors, light globes, oven-proof or window glass • Car parts • Toys • Nappies • Garden waste or organic material • CDs, DVDs, video or audio tapes


  • Paper and envelopes • Newspapers, magazines, catalogues and junk mail • Cardboard boxes and egg cartons • Shredded paper (if contained inside a paper bag or box) • Cartons such as milk, juice and stock cartons • Pizza boxes without food scraps • Aluminium and steel cans and tins • Metal lids (contained in a steel or aluminium can) • Empty and dry paint tins • Empty aerosol cans • Glass bottles and jars (rinsed with lids off) • Plastic bottles and containers (rinsed with lids off) • Yoghurt and butter containers (rinsed with lids off)

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