30 September 2018

Major achievments expanded

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In my election material, the first of which was letterboxed today and will be completed by Sunday afternoon has a list of achievements in which I was integral to getting things done. For those who are interested the detail is as follows;

  • All footpaths paved; In 2006 I put a motion to Council asking for additional funds to be allocated to paving footpaths. Council agreed and the footpaths are now complete. This was some 15 years ahead of schedule.
  • Pedestrian activated crossing on Goodwood Rd: this was completed in 2011 after 20 years of effort to improve safety and traffic flow.
  • Re-opening of Millswood Station: I worked with John Gasper and  a small group to lobby state government to re-open the station. In 2015 this became a reality.
  • Saving Orphanage Park from redevelopment: Tabor College, in 1996 proposed to buy the then state owned land to build a new university on the Goodwood Rd fronted oval. Jane Brooks and I appealed the decision to allow development and spent many sessions in the ERD Court before the government was persuaded to sell the heritage buildings to tabor College. later Council purchased the land.
  • Local Area Traffic Management Plan and Implementation in Black Forest; My co-councillor and I saw this as a priority when he was first elected. Changes made were the pedestrian crossings on East Ave, additional yellow lines and the reversal of the stop sign on the corner or East Ave and Aroha Tce
  • No smoking at Council events, playgrounds and outdoor cafes: when first elected members smoked inside the Council Chambers. From there with my insistence and various motions smoking was banned in and around all council buildings and then later again in playgrounds and  cafes. This now includes the Gourmet Gala and the Adelaide Show
  • Heritage protection for Millswood: I encouraged the then CEO to prioritise
  • New  playground facilities in Dora Guild and Princess Margaret Playgrounds: These were publicly consulted to get the best outcome for the community. New toilets were built in both Dora Guild and Page Park
  • Zero tolerance to illegal dumping: An innovative program was developed when I worked with Les Birch. While some illegal dumping still happens its prevalence has diminished.
  • Funding for the new Goodwood Oval grandstand: My co-councillor and I worked with Council and lobbied state government  for our spade ready project to be funded. The now labor member for Badcoe, Jayne Stimson, secured two and a half million dollars for this project 
  • Murals in prominent places: It was my instigation that had a mural program added to the Council arts policy
  • Zoning protection for Black Forest, Clarence Park and Millswood; After lobbying and door knocking residents are after forced government rezoning proposal over 85% of residents responded and zoning remained unchanged. 
  • Fiscal responsibility: Keeping rate lows is important and I have consistently voted to keep rates at CPI plus growth. In the last 10 years Unley rates have increased 52% compared to many other councils where they have increased 74%.

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