30 September 2018

Door Knocking

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I've been knocking on doors now for at least a month and look lie I might get to every house before your ballots arrive. If I don't my, sincere apologies. I have two weeks off work so will be out  from 3pm to 6pm everyday. So what have I found out so far:

  • That it is great to be out chatting to people and listening to what they have to say
  • The newsletter that Don and I put out about three times a year is appreciated and most residents  read it
  • That my bog is well read by many 
  • There are a plethora of minor issues that I have needed to send on to council staff to action
  • Two trees are dying in Aroha Tce
  • That most people are grateful  for the work that we do and are happy in the way that it is done
  • That there are a few (very  few) people that take the opportunity to be rude, without being constructive
  • That speed and parking remain people's greatest concern. Some of this will be addressed when the feedback form the Clarence Park Local Area Traffic Management Plan is analysed and debated
  • Its a pleasure to talk education issues with those who are interested. There are significant concerns about the zoning of Millswood and some of Clarence Park remaining in the Pasadena zone . See map here.

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