02 October 2018

My promise to you: 2018

  • Improved traffic  management in Clarence Park and all areas East of East Ave: following the results of the recently completed survey of residents Councillors will be able to look at the recommendations and decide on an implementation order. After door knocking all of this area I've got a much better idea of what people want.
  • Advocating with Department of Planning and Infrastructure as the South Rd upgrade comes closer; the manner in which this upgrade takes place is a matter for concern for most residents. I hope that their will be an advocacy role for your elected members in tweaking the plan and ensuring, as best we can, the traffic diversion into local streets is minimised
  • Good governance practises: equity, communication, effectiveness, accountability,efficiency, transparency, responsiveness and the rule of law need to drive council to deliver concensus driven, free from corruption in a democratic manner.
  • Completion of the facilities at Goodwood Oval, including the club rooms and a score board: there remains some concern regarding the building of this facility especially from residents that live closest. This is still being worked on by architects who need to produce a plan that is within budget. Once completed, the plan will go to Council, then residents for comment, then the Council Assessment Panel. Liquor licensing and hours of use will be dealt with later when lease agrees and drawn up with the clubs.
  • Consultation with all interested parties regarding the future use of the hockey field: This will be consulted with residents well before the hockey moves to its new facilities. Ideas will be sort from residents and clubs.
  • The building of new club rooms for Millswood Croquet; this needs to be kept simmering so the the good work already done can be developed into a functional plan that is deliverable. Clubs, such as this one fit well into Council's Active Aging Policy and need to be ready to attract external funding if and when it becomes available.
  •  Landscaping upgrades in streets including identifying more places for street trees: this is self evident and yet there are hundreds of spots where additional plantings could occur.
  • Identifying sites where trees that have the potential to become significant  can be planted: on my walk this morning I noted how healthy the 3 trees, that have the potential to become significant, are that were planted on the walkway, Cranbrook to Victoria. It shows what can be done. There are many other sites that could grow such trees and have better landscaping. I note that the landscaping along the Cromer Pde is in need of more suitable plantings in may places.
  • Continuing to protect Black Forest and Clarence Park from smaller block sizes and higher building intensity: The state governments Better Development planning, many of the details that are currently unknown or being developed may pose a future threat to block sizes and allow greater infill development.
  • Continuing support of the graffiti removal program: I noted how well volunteers are keeping up with the painting out of graffiti. However, areas inside the train corridor must be done by government workers, hence are much slower in their response times. The area next to the freight trains must be done by ARTC and have been painted out a few times in the last 20 years or so. I will meet with Nicole Flint, member for Badcoe, soon to get an undertaking for this work to be done.
  • Implementing LED lighting upgrades in all streets; This is fully funded in the current budget and will result in brighter street. Council will also identify ares that  need additional lighting
  •  Identifying more sites suitable for murals:  have had a great discussion regarding the Sugar and Spice wall but there are many others that would add to the vibrancy  of Clarence Park
  • Improving consultation processes: Closing the loop when complaints are made is imperative but still too often does not occur. This still needs to be 
  • Activation activities for everyone; young and old need to get out more and do stuff. it is heartening to see the use of the fitness equipment at Page Park and the parks for children's play, exercise  and dog walking. We still need to address the fact that the start time  start for off-leash walking needs to start earlier in the winter. 

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