21 October 2018

Run your own campaign

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I've spent a little time reading the electoral material of a lot of candidates. I'm getting a bit of a collection. What l love is the vision that so many candidates have for a better city: how they believe they can build on the legacy that their existing council has created and is leaving to them.
What l don't like is the  tacit comments that seem innocuous enough but are actually trying to win votes at someone else's expense. Ones that go like this:
  • I 've lived in the ward all my life
  • I'm the only person who.....
  • I'm an independent candidate
  • I can do this full time
  • I can fix the mess that......
For the record, I've lived in Unley for longer in my adult life than any other candidate (for Clarence Park), I don't belong to any political  party.  I work full time: that takes 40 hours and sleep about 56 hours: that leaves 60 hours available for Council work at a time that is convenient or scheduled. I've always been able to respond to inquiries on the same day. I'm the only person that ..has done a lot of things but you generally achieve more by working collaboratively with a group. Lastly, I want to know  what the alleged mess is and how it can be fixed.

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