17 October 2018

Why you should vote?

Image result for voting in council elections saFor me the campaign is nearly over. I have knocked on nearly every door and distributed a couple of leaflets to each home. I still have a How to Vote leaflet to distribute this weekend. Then it's over to you. The hard work was not done in the last few weeks but over the last 4 years in this  term of office. It's now up to all of you to take your turn and complete the ballot when it arrives in the mail next week. This is the best way for you to say thank you.
You should vote because:

  • it reinforces to me that I have been doing the job well
  • you are happy with the progress that you can see
  • you like the team effort that my co-councillor and I have made to work together 
  • You appreciate the regular newsletters and our informative blogs
Now is the time to talk to family members, neighbours and friends and ask them if they have voted intend to vote and discuss the benefits of each candidate. When it comes to experience and achievement I hope I'm on the top of your list.

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