07 October 2018

Please don't be the 29%!

The left hand column gives the best comparison.

'The people have spoken' according to the Sunday Mail and  have made some observations about local government. These include:

  • 60% saying that they vote in Council elections and yet only 31% voted in 2014 (in Unley it was even lower than this) . So please don't be that 29% that intend to vote but don't. Vote for those people who have dropped a flier in your letter box, have knocked on your door (even if you were not home), have a record of achievement and are community minded.
  • 66% agree that voting in Local Government elections should not be compulsory
  • 66% are in favour of council mergers. Check out the rate in the dollar in other areas as well as the average rate and see if it is cheaper to live in larger Councils. You'll find it's much dearer to live in Playford that Unley.
  • 40% think we should get rid of it all together and another 20% would rather get rid of state government
  • 75% are in support of rate capping. I'm in support of minimising rate increases but not with an additional layer of bureaucracy that the current state government proposes that will add to costs for no additional benefit.

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