21 October 2018

In with the new in CP

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I read a flyer authorised by a Mayoral candidate today, Dario Centrella. First I was little disappointed that any mayoral candidate would add this rider onto what appeared to be a pretty professional piece. I note that other Mayoral candidates have not, and nor should they, give preference in their public information for one ward candidate over another. While my first thought was that he would prefer a new team rather than the incumbent councillors, I decided to interpret this in a positive manner.
So thank you Dario for telling the ward that:

  • you support people with new ideas
  • you support people with new ways of doing things
  • you support new ways of getting funding
  • that you support people who can help others adjust to change
  • you support teamwork
  • you support an effort to work with and inform new residents in our ward
  • you support people who are thinking about new events
Because this is exactly what  Don I have been offering for all of our  time on Council.
Thank you for your endorsement.

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