27 September 2018

Full Council meeting: Sept 24th, 2018

Even then it looked like it needed a makeover.

 Now that the Council is in caretaker mode no decisions can be made that involves spending large amounts of money. The following may be of interest;

  • Deputation from Steph Key, former Member for Ashford (now Badcoe) regarding the outcomes of the consultation about beautifying the Goodwood underpass. There were quite a few submissions with everyone wanting something to be done. The overall picture that people wanted was a green environment if it could be created. This will come back to Council in the new year for further direction. 
  • Tree canopy cover assessment:This asked for Council to pursue opportunities to increase the canopy cover in both the public and private realm. Much of the issue is tied up with state government legislation and this may need to change in the first instance. The other is to ensure that for every tree lost that two are planted to replace it. At my instigation Council are now recording and following up all Development Applications that involved the removal of a significant tree to ensure that the agreed replacement trees have been planted and are healthy. PASSED
  • Under grounding of power lines; given the successful under grounding of the power lines on Goodwood Rd, Council will pursue and prioritise other streets including Highgate Village (Fullarton Rd), King William Rd (north) and Glen Osmond Rd. PASSED

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