17 September 2018

Fortnightly garbage collection?

We take for granted that our bins will be emptied regularly, with the recycling and green waste collected bi-weekly and the garbage bin emptied weekly. Today's paper suggested that it may be time to give up the weekly garbage collection. In the past this idea has been rubbished by many and overridden by government even when it may have looked to be a good idea. The issues with smell, hygiene and public safety could easily be overcome if education of residents had them being just a little more careful of what goes where. As an example almost anything that gets smelly in a week or two could be placed in the green bin (which would need to be collected weekly) and the stuff that couln't be could spend a week in the freezer. Over to you. What do you think?


  1. Seems like the government has made this a no without any further consultation.

  2. Good, I was going to say not a good idea!