09 September 2018

Full Council meeting: 10th September 2018

The following may be of interest;

  • Footpath Trading Policy: This policy builds on existing policy but allows for trading options against the building (presently disallowed but often ignored).
  • Clarence Park Community Centre partnership Agreement: The new agreement has been agreed to by the center and only has minor changes. Interesting to note that Council provides $157,000 per year of funding.
  • Filtered Tap Water: Cr Hewitson has asked again that filtered tap water be provided for staff and elected members within council owned facilities. This is an attempt to reduce the amount of bottled water consumed when made available at meetings. My only problem in this is that people may well choose a flavoured and sugared drink as an alternative that will still have a bottle needing to be disposed of and be much worse for the consumer's health.
  • Variation to the 3 hour parking zone in Meredyth and Graham Aves :  Cr Palmer has asked that the 3 hour parking in these sterrets not be implemented until after the 6 month trial and then only after consultation. While I have had few complaints there are some unhappy residents. More due to have to pay for residential parking that the controls themselves.

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