19 July 2019

Full Council meeting July 22nd 2019

Image result for Le Cornu site signYou might find the following of interest:   

  • Offer of a Gift: Le Cornu Site Signage: Council have been offered the large sign on Anzac Hwy that is in itself quite iconic. Nevertheless, the sign would cost many thousands of dollars to remove and store until Council found an alternate site for display.PASSED. No-one supported this suggestion
  • Discretionary Rate Rebate Applications: Organisations are able to apply for rate relief each year due to the nature of the service they provide to the community. This is additional to those sites that get a 100% rebate , these being religious organisations and schools run by them. Organisations applying for relief include St John Ambulance, The Bible Society, various Childcare Centres and the RSL PASSED
  • Undergrounding of Power Lines: Council have considered King William Rd (north of Arthur St), Fullarton Rd (Glen Osmond to Cross Rd), Goodwood Rd (north of the railway line) and our side of Glen Osmond Rd. Given that Council borrowings are approaching debt capacity  (as described in the report)any site chosen will need to be budgeted for in the Long Term Financial Plan PASSED
  • 5 Year Cultural Plan: This will build on the Public Arts Strategy with a slightly broader focus PASSED
  • Request to Fly the Rainbow Flag: Feast have asked  council to fly the rainbow flag in November at the same time as the Feast Festival PASSED
  • Application to become a Tree City of the World: If Unley's application is successful we will  join a new global network of communities recognised as leaders in the sustainable management of trees PASSED
  • Establishment of a Strategic Property Committee: This committee existed during the last Council term and identified buildings suitable for both disposal and acquisition. The new committee structure is outlined in the agenda PASSED
  • Centennial Park Cemetery Authority Budget: CONFIDENTIAL
I have, once again be asked to remove the last statement. 

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