08 July 2019

King Wiliam Rd: Businesses are open

King William Road will be closed to traffic for the next 4 weeks as Council takes a major step forward in getting the roadway paved. Businesses have now been asked to park their cars in the car park on Arthur St (Plymouth Brethren site). Council has introduced some goodwill initiatives to continue to support business. It was also good to see a couple of new shops preparing to trade in the near future. The initiatives include:

·   Door mats to be provided to each trader to place in front of their businesses. 
·   Fridge magnates to be provided to each trader which has the hotline number and Design King William Road website details. 
·   Fact sheets/brochure being provided to traders. 
·   Off-street parking being provided to traders and their employees within the Brethren Church Site – 
·   Window cleaning for traders along King William Road between Park/Mitchell Street intersection and Arthur Street. 
·   KWR businesses open signs to be placed at various locations advising that its business as usual along the strip. 
·   Rate Relief a report was considered by Council on at its June meeting seeking no penalties for postponement of payment of rates and was endorsed.
·   VMS Signage Advertising f The signs will advertise that businesses are open on King William Road.
·   Print Media Advertising 
·   Radio Advertising in partnership with the Traders Association.
·   Australian Traffic Network Advertising t

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