19 July 2019

Unley's Heritage protection

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It was reported in the Advertiser this week that 2005 was the last year that Unley did anything much about heritage listing. It was that year that an in depth study was done of all of Unley's properties to ascertain the merit of listing those that met the state government criteria. At my request and initiative this matter was eventually brought to Council in 2009 and  all but a few of the properties identified were listed as Local Heritage sites in 2013. Subsequent to that Historic Conservation Zones were identified and 1760 contributory items were identified. It is these items that risk being overlooked in the new star government planning regulations.
Unley provides just $50,000 each year to assist residents with the maintenance of these properties. To better enable owners of these properties to keep them in good shape, and not fall into disrepair that inevitably then results in demolition applications, far more money is required to be put into this budget line.

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