22 September 2019

Full Council 23rd September 2019

Image result for Pocket parks UnleyYou may find the following items of interest?

  • Local Area Traffic Management Plan (Clarence Park): This is the final report suggesting changes to traffic management that has been widely consulted.
  • Proposal for a Wheel/Skate Park: This report follows up on a request from Burnside Council to investigate a regional skate Park. This is recommended for refusal.
  • Unley Oval Lights; Additional hours of use: After consultation with residents the proposal is to have the lights on early on winter mornings to encourage greater community use of the facility. Council would reimburse Sturt for the estimated cost.
  • Pocket Parks-Pilot Program: The corner of Clifton and Duthy St is proposed for a makeover where it is already closed. I have some fundamental concerns with taking up the 'pocket park' concept again especially where amenity is already provided by an n existing road closure.
  • Torrens Ave, Fullarton- Removal of 2-hour Zones: Residents have requested that parking controls be removed and council support this request
  • Queen St, Unley-Proposed One Way Traffic Movement: Residents asked that Council consider making Queen St a one way street. However, Councils data collection suggests that this is unworkable.
  • Rescission on Land Management Agreement for Goodwood Institute: This would remove the protection that would keep the facility a live theatre venue. I was part of the original decision and am not sure about this one.
  • Sesquicentennary Working Party Report: A working party has been meeting and discussing the City of Unley's 150th birthday in 2021.
  • Council Assessment Panel Annual Report: Council has seen a significant increase in the number of items that come before the CAP.
  • Highgate Park (Julia Farr) Site Use: Council is seeking permission to develop a Master Plan for the soon to be vacated site
  • Dogs Off Leash Times at Page Park: I have asked that we go back to the Community to gain supporter not for increasing the hours of off leash use of Page Park in winter. I have had many requests from residents to do this.
  • Answers to Question On Notice: see separate blogs.

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