17 September 2014

The candidates for Council 2014

Following on from this mornings blog the other candidates are as follows
Across the wards, 25 candidates will contest 12 seats.

Clarence Park-Jennie Boisvert, Don Palmer

Fullarton Ward- Dario Centrella, Megan Fender, Peter Hughes, Peter Kurtze and Anthony Lapidge
Goodwood Ward-Benjamin Holland, Thomas Jones, Bob Schnell, Luke Smolucha
Parkside Ward-Ian Goodwin-Smith, Bruce Holland, Michael  Hudson, John Koumi, Benjamin Pudley
Unley Ward-Michael Hewitson, David Ng, Rufus Salaman, Teresa Wieczorek
Unley Park Ward-Elizabeth Bleby, Imelda Lynch, Jeffrey Pudwell, Michael Rabbitt, Rob Sangster

I believe that there should be some excellent talent among the candidates but it will be sad to see any existing Councillors lose their position. There are 5 female candidates of the 25 candidates, just 20%. However, the good news is that it is possible to a much higher representation of women than is current. Some of these people are a young as the mayor which might also change the mix a bit. I'm not backing any particular candidates and hope to be working with a great new Council team.

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