29 September 2014

891 this morning!

 If you were listening to radio  891 this morning you would have heard an interesting conversation with Matthew Abraham, Ros Islip  (Chairperon of Friends of the City of Unley Society)and Cr. Mike Hudson. At least one resident (and may be hundreds) were sent a letter assuming the identity of FOCUS and making some mockery or the recent picket fence (Unley Oval ) debate. It was really quite difficult to tell from the content if the author was for or against the decision. They even suggested that there would be an event at which Matthew Abraham was MC , and hence his interest. The matter has been passed onto the Electoral Commission and the police. I was personally named in the flier but, as I have already been elected, is unlikely to damage my reputation. Others named may not be quite to lucky.The Eastern Couriers take on the story can be found here;


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