21 September 2014

Full Council Meeting September 22nd 2014

This meeting is to be held at Goodwood Community Centre.

Even though Council has now entered caretaker mode the day to day business of Council proceeds unabated. The agenda items to be discussed are as follows;

  • Deputations from both sides of the Brown Hill Creek debate-one from Tom Hester from Save Our Streets and one from Ron Belchambers (No Dam).
  • Brown Hill Creek Stormwater Management Plan B Report; the recommendation is that this proceed to public consultation in the new year. I still have some fundamental problems with the report and Council will need to decide very early what weighting representations have from each sector of the public depending on how they are affected by the proposed solution. PASSED
  • Goodwood Rd  PLEC Stage 2; the funding of this project and the removal of powerlines should help to improve the visual appearance of the street. The debate is not about funding but the extent of the under-grounding. PASSED
  • Council seal on the Shared Use Path (Caterbury Tce to Emerson Xing); this will transfer the upkeep of the newly created pathways to Council. will just need to check that all the landscaping is thriving or replaced before Council takes over.PASSED I have some concerns about the back dating of these documents.
  • Expert Panel on Planning Reform; there are significant concerns about the so called reform that need to be included in Council's submission. We will be briefed before the meeting and I will write a blog on the topic this week. PASSEd with the addition of a response regarding Reform 10 (heritage)
  • Centennial Park Audit and Risk Management Committee Membership

Questions on Notice regarding;

  • the cost and effectiveness of Council elections (postal v polling booth)
  • Unley Oval Picket Fence
  • theft of recyclables from bins

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