30 September 2014

Not for me but maybe for you?

StreetGeek and the City of Unley bring the party to video gaming.

StreetGeek is heading up to the Goodwood Community Centre for its all-in signature event,
StreetGeek X on 4 and 5 October.
A non-profit organisation, StreetGeek strive to hold LAN (Local Area Network) Parties that emphasize a social atmosphere, providing a welcoming and friendly community for all ages.
StreetGeek X will run for 34 hours from 10am Saturday 4 October to 8pm Sunday 5 October, providing an excellent opportunity to make new friends, or catch up with old ones, reduce stress and keep minds active. StreetGeek X will also play host to a variety of tournaments.
With a dedicated team of 18 volunteers, StreetGeek can see the positive impact the LAN parties have on the lives of people that attend.

Zane Adams has attended events since 2006. “StreetGeek is where those with a love of gaming can come and socialise and own a noob or two”, says Zane.  “Be it board games, card games, console or the PC, there will be players who share your favourite games and will have a laugh or two with you. I’ve made friends at StreetGeek that I have had now for 10 years. Not many places can claim that kind of social community”.
This year, The City of Unley is supporting StreetGeek X for the fourth time. Community Development Officer for the City of Unley, Amelia BirvĂ©, is collaborating with StreetGeek to organise the event, “We want young people to have the best possible chance of success and happiness. If gaming is their passion then we want to celebrate that, let them share it with others and build up the networks that we know are important for wellbeing at any age.”

StreetGeek X 2014
Saturday 4 October, 10am - Sunday 5 October, 8pm
Goodwood Community Centre, 32-34 Rosa Street, Goodwood

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