23 September 2014

Give us our privacy back

Give us our privacy back, pleads a track-side resident near Millswood Station

Some residents living near Millswood station are calling for the State Government to inst
Some residents living near Millswood station are calling for the State Government to install screens to prevent viewers seeing into their homes. Picture: Nicholas Wrankmore. Source: News Limited
A MILLSWOOD woman says her family’s privacy has been seriously compromised following an upgrade of Millswood station.
The Transport Department cleared shrubs which formed a barrier between Georgia Loudon’s Varden St house and the Millswood station platform.
The shrubs were removed during a $500,000 upgrade of the station ahead of a 12-month trial reopening from next month.
Commuters on the platform can now see into Ms Loudon’s front yard and lounge room windows.
She called on the department to replant mature plants to ensure her family’s privacy.
“It’s disgusting,” Ms Loudon says.
“I don’t want to be that person to complain, but no one told us what the station was going to end up like.”
She did not want to install curtains or blinds or a new fence.
“We wouldn’t replace the fence because we’ve just spent thousands on a new one in the past 18 months,” she said.
“And we’ve never had to have curtains or shutters and to put them in now would totally close off our living area.”
Transport Department spokeswoman Melissa Martin said a screen would be installed but refused to say whether it would happen before the trail started.
She would not say what materials would be used.
Other Millswood residents have raised concerns with the station’s upgraded lighting and potential parking issues.
Avenue St resident Barbara Giles wanted new lights dimmed to reduce the impact on neighbours.
The department said the upgraded lighting was necessary to meet disability requirements, but might be adjusted when the station opened.
Another Avenue St resident, Wally Szachnowicz, was concerned drivers would use his street as an all-day carpark.
Unley Council chief executive Peter Tsokas said staff would monitor parking during the trial.
“This review will provide guidance on the need, type and extent of parking management measures that may be required,” Mr Tsokas said.
The State Government will record patronage at the station during the 12-month trial before deciding whether to permanently reopen it

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