09 September 2014

Full Council meeting: 8th September 2014

The following was debated, this was the last meeting before Council enters the caretaker period pending the November election. The full agenda can be found at; http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/minutesAgendas/Council%20Agenda%208%20September%202014.pdf

Preliminary End of Year Financial Report; at the end of June 2014 Council had a favourable budget result of $268,000: this has allowed for uncompleted projects to be completed in this financial year.PASSED
Elected Members Allowances and Benefits Policy; I have written a separate blog on this. PASSED that the report would be received only as the new Council will need to develop it's own policy in November.
Procurement-Electricity Retailer; this is for public lighting. Currently Council has a negotiated, fixed price contract managed by the LGA. However, by Council seeking opportunities to secure their own contract  efficiencies could be improved and costs reduced. Lighting currently costs about $600,000 each year with the largest amount being paid to Origin energy.PASSED
Brown Hill Creek Stormwater Project at Goodwood Junction; You may remember that sometime ago Council agreed to pay  a share (21% of the total cost) of the Devon St culvert bypass. This infrastructure was seen as essential to the construction of the rail project. Knowing what we know now it may well have been able to be avoided if it was not seen as essential to build the rail project at Goodwood Junction. Council was only to pay this amount when the state government agreed to pay its 50% share of the proposed flood mitigation projects in Brown Hill Creek.
At this point in time they have not agreed to this and yet still wish for Councils to pay the full amount (capped at $5 million). It seems a signed contract is insufficient to stop legal action to prevent DPTI trying to recover their  costs. And to add insult Councils are being asked to pay the full amount and hope to be reimbursed from the Stormwater Management Authority when  they only owe half the amount. PASSED but without my vote.
Historical Partnership with Pozieres; the 27th Battalion, known as Unley's own, will play a major role in Unley's commemorations of  World War 1 events. A formal agreement with the town of Pozieres is seen as important to this process.PASSED
Centennial Park Cemetery Authority Charter; Thhe purpose of this is to follow upon a recent governance review in relation to the operation of the Centennial park Cemetery. DEFERRED until Jan 2015, the changes were too significant to be debated this close to the caretaker period.
Commitment to Unley Community (Cr Saies); This an elected members motion. It is clear he is not happy with the process of the Unley Oval picket fence consultation process.This debate lasted for nearly an hour, an amendment that watered down the motion was eventually passed. Oddly enough those who voted for the fence can find no fault in the process and those that did not could! Ultimately, in my opinion there were many faults and improving consultation processes is a must into the future. In this instance a majority of Unley residents had supported a picket fence but consultation comments are not supposed to be a vote. The Mayor also failed as chair, when the motion to defer the debate was tied, to use his casting vote to err on the side of caution rather than what he wanted the end result to be.


  1. Oh well Jennie, a picket fence is pretty spikey to sit on. It really makes people show their alleigences.

  2. The picket fence will have rounded tops and might be quite comfortable. It certainly does show allegiances but not to good governance as we have been elected to ensure!