20 September 2014

What a difference!

Lynton Ave

What a difference in some streets recently.
Millswood Station

Cambridge Tce

The new trees are flowering in Cambridge Tce

and Parker Tce and one can start imagining how much better the outlook will be from the homes as they continue to grow and thrive.
The landscaping in Cromer Pde is progressing; they have also received their letter from Council that their footpaths will be paved soon and that they will be 1.6 metres wide and not the standard 1.2 metre.
The paving in Lynton Ave is almost complete.
 Millswood Station looks ready  for service.
While door knocking in William St last weekend the residents were thrilled with their new footpaths  ( they have waited a long time for this).
Hammond Ave were delighted that their footpaths would be completed soon.

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