28 June 2018

Have you enrolled to vote?

Most of you are already on the voters roll for the council elections later this year. This is because you are Australian citizens and enrolled to vote for  state and fedreral elections.
However, Council elections have a wider group of people who are eligible to vote. These include landlords of both residential and business properties and any person leasing a property from these people. This won't get you two votes for any Mayoral election or any ward that you are in but it may give you a vote in more than one ward. This includes those who are not citizens who own or are renting  property. It is time to register to be on the Supplementary Roll. You have until early August. 4 years ago Clarence Park had just 25 people register to be on this roll when hundreds of people would have been eligible. If you don't intend to vote then don't boither to enrol but why wouldn't you want to vote? For mor information clik here

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