11 June 2018

Goodwood Oval lights

At the extraordinary DAP meeting on the 29th May the tension between the residents and the Goodwood Saints Football club was almost audible. This is a long saga starting with resident support for the lights and usage of the lights. However, an application to extend the use of the lights, again has met with little resident support. An earlier application to extend the hours was initially approved by the Dap and then overturned in the ERD Court as, at that time, they thought any extension of hours was unreasonable. The current application extends the hours for more than that but on the night everyone seemed to have a different number. The oval surface is under significant stress due to overuse and Council have been encouraging clubs to find other ovals for practice, if possible. However, overuse is not a planning matter and needs to be dealt with when the lease is reviewed by Council.  The application was approved by the DAP after listening to both sides of the argument. However, it is likely that residents will appeal this decision.

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