28 June 2018

Full Council meeting: June 25th 2018

You may find the following of interest;

  • Living Young Action Plan: This valuable plans works through what Council will continue to do when developing programs for people aged 5 to 25 years. There was some discussion about the end age with at least one Councillor thinking that 25 was too old. My concerns are that the plan did not have a program to help support teenagers in overcoming addictions, especially to online gaming. CARRIED
  • 2018-19 Business Plan: Most of what is in this I have already blogged about. While we asked for the Community to get involved in the Budget Consultation process not one suggestion for funding was accepted by Council. While some ideas will be funded at key budget review time others will go unfunded. Some rate payers are wondering why the bothered! CARRIED
  • Discretionary Rate Rebate Applications; Some organisations believe that they should get a rate cut due to the benefit they offer the community. In this round it was Tabor College (75%),Uniting Church (50%), Kirinari School (25%) and the Chinese Assoc (25%). CARRIED
  • CEO Key Performance Indicators 2018-19 and Assessment of 2017-18 Performance: This is a public document and I urge you to read just exactly what we expect from the CEO and how we think he is performing in his role. CARRIED
  • Millswood Area-On Street parking Review: Following consultation about all day parking by commuters in the Millswood area Council decided to introduce 3 hour parking zones in the are bounded by Aroha Tc, Newman St, Northgate St, Chelmsford Ave, Argyle Ave, Fairfax Ave, Graham Ave, Meredyth Ave and East Ave. This area is a little larger than the area proposed by staff but in line with resent communication with Don and I.
  • Unley Central Precinct CONFIDENTIAL

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