03 June 2018

Full Council meeting: May 28th 2018

Items that may be of interest are:
  • Annual Review of Delegations: This lists what staff can make decisions about and Council itself must approve.
  • Community Grants Program: Grants have been awarded to the Forestville Hockey Club ($4,000), Goodwood Saints Football Club ($4,000) in Clarence park Ward.
  • Customer Complaints policy: from time to time customers feel that they have not been listened to or respected in their interaction with Council. This sets the guidelines for the complaints that follow and try to resolve the issue.
  • Animal management plan 2016-2020: The most change is happening with dog registrations. You will be issues a tag with your renewal notice rather than when you pay. The payment will no longer be managed by Council
  • 2018 Unley Gourmet Gala..: The report gives a glowing report card, however, some councillors have taken the view, based on feedback that they have received, that is is time for the event to cease. Your views are welcome and we must make a final funding decision on this late in June.
  • Increase Use of Sport and Recreation Facilities:  A detailed and easy to read report looks at the use of each park in Unley. It notes that Goodwood Oval is overused and under stress.
  • Motion on Notice for Cr Hewitson- Elected Member Items of Interest and Concern: the outcome from this is that we will discuss the matter in a workshop this week. Unfortunately, some members of council have tried to use the Elected Member report section in the Agenda to publish material that could be seen to give them an electoral advantage in an election year. By reintroducing the Items of Interest section we will have to listen to an hour of mostly waffle before we get to debate the real material and be tired by the time we get to the more complex and often confidential issues.

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