11 June 2018

New public art

This time another year
Artist Bridget Currie will install two contemporary sculptural artworks in Henry Codd Reserve. The 2m white mild steel sculptures will have Giant Sea Squill and South Australia Vanilla Lily bulbs
within their space, which will give the sculptures a different perspective with the changing
seasons. Bridget is one of Adelaide’s foremost contemporary artists represented by Greenaway
Gallery and has exhibited around the world. These sculptures will be among the first
contemporary conceptual artworks we have commissioned in the public realm.

Goodwood Oval Beehives
Two domes representing bee hives and made of mild steel will be installed at Goodwood Oval 
close to the playground and subtly placed in the mulch beneath the trees but clearly visible from
the main oval. The two domes will be 1.4m and 1m high. The large dome will have 3 metal bees
welded to it and the smaller dome with have 2 metal bees. Ellen has worked with us before as
the artist who created the designs for Welcome Mat, the 6 street intersection artworks for
Goodwood Road.
This artwork is a celebration of the Unley Swimming Centre and is certain to create a strong
sense of nostalgia and fun. Created by Project2Project, this will be a large-scale 2 dimensional
artwork using historical and contemporary images on the rear wall of the Swimming Centre’s
change rooms facing Forestville Reserve. The final piece is produced on long term outdoor
conformable High-tac SAV (self-adhesive vinyl). This product is made for large-scale outdoor
applications for use on rough textures and is usually used for long-term signage. This style has
some further opportunities at other locations possibly. Project2Project have worked on many
public realm projects including the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and interstate.

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