27 June 2018

How you can make a difference as an Elected Member

Are you thinking about nominating as a candidate for the local government
Find out all you need to know about life as an Elected Member at Unley at
 this free information session.

Becoming a councillor is one of the most direct ways you can influenc
decisions affecting your local community. The role is flexible,
challenging, exciting and rewarding.

Come along to this free information session and find out all you
 need to know about life as an Elected Member at Unley.

Tuesday 10 July 2018
6.30 – 7.30pm
Council Chambers, Oxford Terrace, Unley

No booking required. Light refreshments provided.
Enquiries please phone 8372 5111.

How you can make a difference as an Elected Member

The best way to ensure a broad range of views are considered is for
people of different ages, genders, cultures and backgrounds to step
up and make themselves heard on council.

As long as you are an Australian citizen and have lived in your council
 area for more than one month, you are eligible to nominate to become
 an Elected Member. Local business representatives and people who
own property in a council area are also eligible.

Here are 10 great reasons you may want to consider nominating for
  1. You care about what’s happening in your local community
  2. It’s a great way to develop your knowledge
  3. You want to contribute to your community
  4. You want to provide a voice for your age group/cultural group/gender
  5. You’re sick of watching from the sidelines
  6. You’ve got great ideas to contribute
  7. It’s a nice addition to your CV
  8. You’ll meet interesting people
  9. It’s a way of making a meaningful and lasting contribution
  10. Your chance to make a difference
Visit our Council Elections page for information on the nomination process.

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