17 November 2012

Dunrobin St Trees; Final Outcome

There has been much discussion over the trees in Dunrobin St for many years. The ironbarks seem to be the sort of tree that people love or hate. In this case the majority of residents have asked Council to keep the trees and to manage the infrastructure around them as best as they can. The recent arborist's report identified only 2 trees to be removed immediately, these are easily identified as they are either dead or near dead and relatively small. The engineers report on some identified houses failed to identify significant damage at this time. However, the trees are far from full grown and may cause structural damage to property in the future. The abundant wildlife in the area must be attributed to some extent to the type of trees.
However, there will need to be extensive maintainance, pruning, of some trees and the footpaths will continue to need repair.

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