22 November 2012

DPTI Haulage Routes; The Debate Heats Up

During early discussions on this matter Councillors were assured that the rail corridor was a viable way to remove the soil from the Goodwood Junction site, after an initial removing of topsoil. However, at the information day it became clear that the streets of Millswood and Forrestvile would be used for haulage. One resident has letter boxed homes on the main routes asking for people to contact Minister Conlon to express their concerns. He has been amazed at the response from people who are prepared to this. He is the only person that can ask DPTI to investigate alternate routes. Next week it will be the people who live around Forrestville Reserve will be affected as well as the preliminary works begin for the diversion of Brownhill Creek around the project. It is my understanding that DPTI are door knocking in the area, the divide and conquer consultation process seems to work well for them.
The public meeting requested by residents of Stephanie Key, the local Member of Parliament, is likely to be held in early December.
I was interviewed today by the Eastern Courier regarding the problems residents will encounter when Victoria St is closed to traffic. We all know that the corner that connects Victoria St with Aroha Tce and Leah St is problematic ( read that as impossible to turn north off Victoria St). Some ideas on how to make this safer during this time would be useful?  Since my first stint on Council in 1995 this intersection has been on the agenda and to this date we've discussed trying to straighten the road through the acquisition of property, traffic signals and better layout. Very little has changed. I feel in the first instance we  should be asking for the intersection to be manned during peak hours to enable the through traffic to be stopped for vehicles trying to turn right. Your thoughts?
It is also imperative to have signs on East Ave telling commuters that Victoria St will be closed.


  1. This is clearly going to be a major issue once the junction is closed. I wish I could think of a perfect resolution... Looking at how closure has worked in Devon St so far I would suggest that close monitoring of how the changed traffic flow works, whether existing parking controls are adequate, and consideration to whether the intersection will be safe for local traffic when it is not being controlled by DPTI staff will all be essential. Further, it seems to me that cyclists who come through this area are being placed at risk by their increased sharing of the road with car drivers who are more frustrated than usual.

  2. I spoke to Michelle Carroll at DPTI today to convey my concerns. She has promised that they would be discussed at a meeting of the team today and she would get back to me. I requested signs on East Ave signalling the Victoria St closure and that the Leah/Aroha/Victoria St intersection havehuman traffic controllers after the closure for as long as necessary.