30 November 2012

Bike Path Changes?

A resident recently met with both the Bicycle Institute of SA and with Colin Boulden, Goodwood Junction Engineering Manager They discussed the affect of the proposed works on bicycle access. She was pleased to secure this meeting and feels that DPTI  are making steps to improve their consultation processes. She was pleased that she had been able to secure a meeting and feel that DPTI are now making steps to improve their consultation processes.
Issues raised include;
  • The DPTI plan to extend the current bike path the show grounds to go under Anzac Hwy to connect with West Tce
  • That Keswick Station will be moved south of Anzac Hwy and named Wayville
  • The DPTI plan to build a bike overpass at Goodwood Station in the next few years, beside the tram overpass (ideally on the southern side)
  • Consideration of an active level crossing for bikes and pedestrians at Goodwood station, at the southern end of the platform, which is to be shortened during the current project
  • Discussion of the need for switchback on a cycle crossing if it has automated gates.

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