13 November 2012

City Strategy;12th November 2012

Items on this month's agenda included;
  • Kelvin Ave, Clarence Park-Proposed Landscape Treatment; after gaining budget approval council staff have clarified with the relevant government organisations to allow for either road closure or a driveway link.The recommended option is the driveway link as this will still allow for a large area to be landscaped and for through traffic at a reduced speed.However, the vote may well go with the road closure. The vote did go for a road closure although Don and I supported the driveway link.There are many streets with road closures that people were reluctant to embrace (think Malvern), the people that live in these streets now think they are wonderful, they have significantly raised the value of homes and the amenity of the area.
  • Lease 84 Edmund Ave to Adelaide Potters Club; this is a lease renewal or a further 3 years. I'm not in favour of reducing the rent for a commercial organisation below what it currently is. The tool used to calculate rent indicates that it could be lower than it currently is with an amount of $10,164. The debate will be interesting.This was passed with my reluctant support, it is a worthwhile cause.
  • Funding Allocations for the Community, Cultural, Recreational and Environment Grants programme; this money will go toward funding the development of a gardening kit, improvements at the Fern Ave Garden, Parkside Primary School ( to paint the stobie polls in Robsart St),the Carers Choir, Urban Myth, Neighbourhood Watch, the Broughton Arts Society, Unley United Soccer Club, Unley Symphony Orchestra, St. Spyridon Church and the Effective Living Centre.Passed but with some reluctance concerning one organisation located outside of Unley,even though it was demonstrated that they do good work in Unley.
  • Funding Allocation- Ron Young Programme; Recommended for full funding are both the installation of WIFI and new computer equipment at the Unley Community Centre and also the purchase of 2 ipads for the Library. Passed
  • The full agenda can be found at;  http://www.unley.sa.gov.au/webdata/resources/files/CSP%20Agenda%20November%202012.pdf

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