02 November 2012

Speed Humps in Leah St

I believe these were installed yesterday in Leah St, Forrestville. These have gone through extensive consultation but only with the people in the local area. It will be interesting to have your comments.
The first I received is published below.

We write to complain about the stupidity of the speed humps installed in Leah Street, Forrestville yesterday.
With vehicles parked down one side of the street combined with the design of the stupid things, make it impossible to traverse the road even at very slow speed.
Not only do they shake the vehicle, doing any amount of unknown damage to the car, but also your body at the steering wheel, no matter how slow you go.
And when confronted by a bus in the opposite direction the whole road has to stop so they can get around, over, through the humps.
Leah Street has never been a street where you can speed - too many parked cars and driveway exit vehicles, so we can see absolutely NO POINT in this waste of public money.
I hope the local residents fully enjoy the continual thumping day and night when vehicles cross the humps. John


  1. Absolutely ridiculous. What a waste of ratepayers' money! I live a few streets away and was not consulted about this. Today I saw a truck carrying a miniskip trying to negotiate the speed hump with a parked car to one side. Terrifying! Not to mention buses doing the same. I can see accidents happening because of this. As well, it will make it even more difficult for pedestrians and cyclists to cross at the tram crossing as the decreased speed on Leah St will make gaps in the traffic less frequent. Experience with speed humps in Mitchell St, Millswood shows that speed humps just increase the amount of traffic on side streets. So the council put in no right/left turns at certain times of the day, inconveniencing local residents. And so it goes on...

  2. I agree with the comments about the speed humps on Leah Street. They seem to be extraordinarily high and because of the parking on one side of the street you cannot help but get buffeted when you go over them . I pity any sick or elderly people who are in pain or recovering from operations and illnesses. On the positive side it may prove helpful for pregnant women who are overdue and want to "get things going".
    On a more serious side this road is already a 40 zone. Also, why so many in such a short strip of road.....perhaps just 2 would have been adequate.
    Thank you for your informative newsletter

  3. I am concerned at the purpose of the speed humps. The road speed was reduced from 50 km to 40 km. this street appears to be a thoroughfare and now the road has been made impassible. Its madness for locals to have to deal with such conditions. more inconsistencey breeds more confusion that leads to more anger. i totally diagree with this instalation and also consider it a waste of funds.

  4. Jennie
    Further to the brief discussion we had recently at the Clarence Park Community Centre I would formally like to convey our displeasure with the speed bumps recently installed along Leah St in Goodwood.

    As with all residents of Black Forest and adjacent suburbs, Leah St provides the safest and most convenient route out to Anzac highway thence into the city or on to the northern and eastern suburbs. The alternative of turning right onto South Rd at Black Forest itself is plain dangerous, and travelling along Victoria St (which is about to be closed for several months in any case) to Goodwood rd is at best frustrating given the regularity at which one is held up at the train crossing.

    The decision to install these speed bumps is illogical. Who's stupid idea was this and why was there no community consultation involved? Surely the few residents who live along Leah St understand that Winston Ave - East Ave - Leah St has always and will continue to be a primary thoroughfare into and out of the city, especially during peak traffic times when South Rd and Goodwood Rd turn into virtual "parking lots" as it is.

    These speed humps offer no benefit during times of high traffic volume because traffic is often qued up and virtually crawling for a considerable length of Leah St during morning peak hour, and at other times cars parked in the street (legally) act as speed limiters and automatically render through traffic to relatively slow single lane speed.

    One collateral consequence is Leah Street is now dangerous to cycle along because cars travel as close as possible to the gutter to minimise suspension damage such is the severity of the bumps - thereby precluding safe passage for cyclists.

    For me to drive to and from Leader St I am now forced to negotiate side streets instead which seems ridiculous and unnecessary.

    The pity of all of this is that Leah street had been recently resealed to provide a lovely smooth road surface - all now such a waste of ratepayer money.

    I would be grateful if, on our behalf, you could ask council to consider removing these speed bumps in the interests of the wider community who are adversely impacted and whose options are otherwise limited for the reasons outlined above.

  5. I have now had many comments and calls on this matter. I will request at the next Council meeeting that a report be presented to Council early in the 2013 on matters of concern including traffic counts, complaints and complements, diversion of traffic and timing.