13 November 2012

Questions for DPTI?

Don and I met with Council staff this afternoon and put he following questions to them to put to DPTI on our behalf. Some we got the answers for the others I will update when I have them.

What will be the final outcome for the Brownhill Creek diversion at Forrestville Reserve?
This will be a covered culvert all he way to the creek bed in the reserve.
When will the public meeting occur for this?
1st December 2012, but it will be an Open Day format.
This has now been changed to mid January 2013
How widely will this meeting be letter boxed?
I have asked that this one be bounded by Victoria St, Goodwood Rd, Leader St and Leah St.
What haulage routes will the trucks use?
Ethel St, Nichols St , Leah St and Leader St.
When will Stephanie Key hold the consultative meeting promised at a recent resident's meeting?
Who is managing the signage at areas already near work sites?
Will all the contractors use the same methods and systems to close roads as needed?
Where ever possible
How soon before works begin is it reasonable to let residents know what is happening?
This is debatable but probably earlier than they do although I believe the time frames are improving.
Are there alternate haulage routes than those now prosed for the main works?
Has a dilapidation survey been completed?
Yes, for Council infrastructure  and for some identified houses.
Will one be offered to affected residents?
Can we charge back Council staff time being used on this project to DPTI?
Can this be completed by Oct 2013?
I reckon if I offered a bottle of red to anyone who said they could I'd need a cellar.


  1. Thanks once again for your efforts in relation to this project. Mary

  2. Fred Newman (0478 222 965 frednewman@ozemail.com.au)
    Information sourced from Information Day
    Development Application and attached reports
    Goodwood Junction traffic.

    Trucks down Fairfax Ave and Leah St
    The construction of the Goodwood Junction project involves
     removing 23,000 cubic metres of rail ballast and soil
     importing construction equipment and materials.
    Minister Conlon’s development application proposes using local streets (Fairfax Ave, Victoria St, Leah St and Leader St). An alternate route along the existing rail corridor to the north is available. At the Information Day the contractor (Thiess – York) showed plans with haulage routes down these local streets.
    To remove the railway corridor spoil alone
     25 trucks and trailers will be used
     the trucks and trailers will make 3 trips to Bolivar per day (and return) - as many as 150 movements per day
     there may be a truck every 4 minutes, 10+ hours a day, 6 days a week, to perhaps 900 truck and trailer movements per week for an unknown period
     truck and trailer movements may start at 6.00am and continue until 10.00pm on some days
    In addition, substantial plant, equipment and material will be brought into the site
    A Construction Noise Report prepared for the Minister identified that impacts may be “general disturbance, sleep disturbance, annoyance and anger, fright, interference with important events, interrupted learning and interference with communication. Vibration impacts may also include structural damage to structures close to construction works.”
    The report recommends that “truck movements should be diverted away from residential streets”
    A ‘Traffic, Mobility and Transportation Plan’ is required that will detail the haulage routes to and from the site (amongst other things). This is not finalised nor approved yet. The approval authority for this Plan (the Development Assessment Commission) requires the City of Unley to support this Plan.
    To stop thousands of trucks and trailers going down local streets the Minister needs to agree to use the existing rail corridor to the north. It is available and is feasible.
    To oppose the trucks using Fairfax Ave, Leah Street, Victoria Street and Leader St, ask the Minister that they use the rail corridor to the north, contact
    Hon Patrick Conlon MP
    Minister for Transport and Infrastucture
    12th Floor, Roma Mitchell House
    136 North Terrace
    Adelaide SA 5000
    Email: minister.conlon@sa.gov.au
    Telephone: (08) 8226-1210
    20 Nov 2012